Cupertino Barndance 2000

Top Releases, Hot Concerts, & On-Air Shows


Top Releases

Contemporary Artists

Craig Chambers “West By Southwest” - WR

Ray Condo & his Ricochets “High & Wild” - Joaquin

Deke Dickerson & the Ecco-Fonics “Rhythm, Rhyme, And Truth” - HMG

The Domino Kings “Lige & 20” - Slewfoot

James Hand “Evil Things” - Cold Spring (99)

Haystack Hi-Tones “Haystack Hi-Tones” - Haystack Tracks (Netherlands)

Rex Hobart & the Misery Boys “Forever Always Ends” - Bloodshot (99)

The Horton Brothers “Heave Ho” - Texas Jamboree

The Cornell Hurd Band “A Stagecoach Named Desire” - Behemoth

The Lucky Stars “Hollywood & Western” - Ipecac

The Rockhouse Ramblers “Bar Time” - Hayden’s Ferry

Ted Roddy with the Tearjoint Troubadours “Tear Time” - The Music Room

The Spurs “Go, Boy, Go!” - Spinout

The Starlight Drifters “Every Note A Pearl” - Dyna Electro (99)

The Starliners “Rhythm Round-up” - Aloha (Australia) (99)

Dave Stuckey & the Rhythm Gang “Get A Load Of This” - HMG

Justin Treviño “Loud Music And Strong Wine” - Neon Nightmare

Dallas Wayne “Big Thinkin’ ” - HMG


Baylor Brothers “It’s Western Swing Time! - Best Of The Baylor Brothers” - Baylor Brothers (Australia)

Noel Boggs “The Very Best - The Shasta Master” - Varèse Sarabande

Moon Mullican “Showboy Special - The Early King Sides” - Westside (England)

Zeb Turner “Tennessee Boogie & Jersey Rock”- Westside (England)

Bob Wills “San Antonio Rose” - Bear Family (11-CD + 1-DVD box set) (Germany)

Various Artists “Solid South: Western Swing On Los Angeles Radio In The 1950s” - Country Routes (England)

Various Artists “The Big ‘D’ Jamboree Live Volumes 1 & 2” - Dragon Street

Bob Wills “San Antonio Rose” - Bear Family (11-CD + 1-DVD box set) (Germany)

Various Artists “A Shot In The Dark - Tennessee Jive: Country Music On Nashville’s Independant Labels 1945—1955” - Bear Family (8-CD box set) (Germany)

Various Artists “Doughboys, Playboys And Cowboys” - Proper (4-CD box set) (England) (99)

Local Artists

Tom Armstrong “Sings Heart Songs” - Carswell (99)

Larry Hosford “Windjammin’” -

Rockin’ Lloyd Tripp & the Zipguns “Ride That Rocket” - Uranium

Hot Concerts

The highlights of the many great shows I saw this year:

Rock ’n’ Trio Tribute - March 11 at DeMarco’s 23 Club, Brisbane, California

Rockin’ Lloyd Tripp & the Zipguns opened for Darrel Higham, who was making his first West Coast appearnce from England. Both put on great sets. But when they all got together with Rocky Burnette for the finale, the show hit the stratosphere! Darrel, Hank Maninger of Zipguns, and Rocky were smoking their guitar amps in this great musical moment.

Hillbilly Hits 11th Anniverary Show - March 17 at Brady High School Auditorium, Brady, Texas

Tracy Pitcox has a great classic country music radio program from the Heart of Texas. And he puts on regular shows that feature classic country greats. The 300 mile round trip drive from Austin to see this show was well worth it. Why? How about Floyd Tillman, Big Bill Lister, Smokey Stover, Frankie Miller, Dave Kirby, and Leona Williams as headliners in an intimate setting where you meet these greats in personat intermission and after show. Hillbilly Heaven here on Earth!

Hillbilly Hop 2 - April 16 at DeMarco’s 23 Club, Brisbane, California

Another great Hop. Opening was local western swing combo Cari Lee & the Saddle-Ites followed by local rockabily faves The Stillmen. The headliners were Marti Brom with The Barnshakers. Wow! What a great vocalist Marti is. And the guys from Finland lent perfect backing!

Viva Las Vegas 3 - April 12—15 at Gold Coast Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada

The must show for rockabilly fans! Highlight for me was The Starliners from Australia, making their first trip to the States. They laid down out some awesome western swing. Other boppin’ hillbilly highlights included Ray Condo & the Ricochets (Canada), Haystack Hi-Tones (Netherlands), and Chester Everett & his Ranch Rhythmaires (Denver).

Live On-Air Bands & Guests

The Haywoods (Santa Cruz, California) during annual Bluegrass, Country & Folk Marathon - February 13, 2000

Saddle Up & Boogie (Santa Cruz, California) - February 26, 2000